We invite you to discover the history of our establishment

Since the birth of our business, the story behind and a little biography of the founder of the place.


Our story begins with an inspiring trip to Paris

Frente a la torre Eiffel

At the beginning of 2018, during a trip to the city of light, the founder of our establishment got absorbed and fell in love with the atmosphere of the city. The corners and premises of Paris inspired and motivated Ruslana to create in Valle del Tiétar a unique and different place from what people knew.

The French style, cuisine and crepes were brought in the suitcase, to combine it with the Spanish cuisine and the traditional tapas of the area. From that Café Paris was born. A perfect place to have breakfast with your family, drink with friends, snack with your partner or dinner with yours.

Junto al Louvre

We are waiting for you. The crepe maker is switched on and coffee freshly brewed

All homemade and elaborated with love, with the best dough and the best coffee of the area.


The foundation of our business was clear


One of the most important pillars on which Café Paris was founded is the detail, making each dish unique and special.


The client is our fundamental pillar and the most important one in our establishment. To have a good time and enjoy our products is our maxim.


Make your days a little more special. The orders you make with the colors, ingredients and style you want.

Junto al Louvre Junto al Louvre
Junto al Louvre Junto al Louvre
Junto al Louvre Junto al Louvre